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Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Coplay seeks another grant

Wednesday, May 3, 2017 by PAUL CMIL Special to The Press in Local News

Alley, gravel road fixes key aspect of funding

Coplay has hit a bonanza with grant funds over the past few months and will move forward with another application. At the workshop meeting May 2, borough Secretary Sandra Gyecsek reported on another grant category that might be available.

“Our engineer uncovered the grant program working with another municipality … the program assists small municipalities in getting grants to improve alleys and dirt/gravel roads,” she said.

To qualify, the borough needs to have someone certified in environmental factors. The borough will send public works Director Paul Boyle to a two-day workshop.

Council will vote on hires for the pool at its regular meeting May 9. Pool rates for 2017 stay at last year’s rates. The agenda includes a couple of local students as part-time summer hires.

Barry Gable, of 19th Street, questioned council on a bill he received.

“I was sent a notice by the borough to replace sidewalks and curbs. I replaced them with my contractor, not the high-priced people. I got the permit and had the job inspected,” he said.

Gable took action because he was selling the property. He received a bill for an additional $400 for an improvement that was not clearly stated in the discussion. The improvement was authorized by the borough engineer.

“There was a gas line problem and a trench that was open for months. If he needed something added, he could have let me know,” Gable said.

According to Gable, the new owners questioned his integrity because they got the bill after closing on the property.

“I paid the bill, but I think the engineer or the borough should pay this. I did what they told me to do in their first letter,” he said.

Council had little empathy for the problem. The changes were made on his property, and he was billed. Gable left the meeting when no alternatives were presented. The engineer may be asked for some clarification at the regular meeting.

As a sign of spring, public works has the speed signs up and operating.

The borough may be able to work a resolution on trash coming from the Giant supermarket. Trash from the parking lot accumulates in the new Community Plaza. The borough wants to put up a mesh screen along the railing above the plaza.

Gyecsek indicated reports of problems at 2 N. Ninth St. are on the mend. The property owner is out of the house. An unmanaged pool on the property is attracting swarms of mosquitoes. Public works added treatment chemicals to the pool.

Councilman Stephen Burker discussed a remaining project concerning lights at Balliet Stadium. The new scoreboard sponsored by Coca-Cola is to be dedicated June 24.

“I’ve heard that some residents think we ignored the request for lights at Balliet. We were rejected on several occasions. The best option we have now is for the legion to start a push to get the lights,” he said.

Council adjourned to executive session at the end of the meeting.