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Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Letter to the editor

Wednesday, June 7, 2017 by The Press in Opinion

It’s not a paucity of voters; it’s a disregard by politicians for voters

To the Editor:

The recent Guest View by Bill Leiner Jr. concerning the paucity of voters emphasizes the arrogance and disregard politicians hold for citizens. Over half of our hard-earned dollars go to support politicians’ insatiable need to buy votes. If two family members are working, one of you is a government slave.

What do you get for your mandatory contribution?

Since 1965, politicians addressed poverty with trillions of dollars and huge numbers of bureaucrats. There is more poverty now than in 1965. If there is a problem, put a bunch of politicians and bureaucrats on it — it’s guaranteed to get worse.

Programs to reduce childhood hunger have not taken a single child off your taxpayer bill.

In the local school district where Leiner is a treasurer, thousands are spent on salaries and administrators. Administrators and teachers get raises every year. Academia prides itself on how smart they are — just ask them. Yet, no one can find a way to reduce costs in the school district by one paper cup. When gas prices go up, costs go up. Enrollment drops, costs go up. Gas prices go down, costs go up. When asked why taxes go up, the bureaucrats point to rising costs.

The “Greatest Generation” had a high school education. They defeated the most sophisticated army in the world and improved the quality of life in America. They did it using critical thinking and creative solutions. Seventy years later, academics created the “Helpless Generation” that could starve to death because they don’t have a napkin. Americans used to fix things and solve problems; now they play with their cellphone.

For politicians, how much a service costs is immaterial. The goal is to take as much money as possible from citizens to buy votes. Wall Street abets the effort with their annual campaign bribes. Did you know of all the regulations on banks, not one rule protects a banking customer? Ask your bank for a workout on your mortgage payment because you were in a hospital. They ignore you, take your house and send $400,000 to Obama/Clinton as a thank you for passing laws that allow them to steal your house.

Prior to Obamacare, there were 8,000 people with pre-existing conditions unable to get health insurance. After seven years of Obamacare, there are tens of thousands. While responsible citizens planned to secure their family’s future with health insurance, the irresponsible spent money entertaining themselves. Democrats said you don’t need to buy insurance until you are sick. It is an unsustainable approach. The new law disallows this practice requiring citizens to take some responsibility for their actions. What an outrageous concept.

Politicians steal money from those who work and give to those who make no contribution to society.

And to help understand the lies better, a 59-year-old single man with health coverage is considered by the government to be uninsured because he is not covered for his potential pregnancy expenses. It makes the number of uninsured look higher.

Under Obamacare, based on government statistics from the Congressional Budget Office, not one person has been cured of an illness, not one person has died. You can anticipate, based on CBO data, that if you get sick, you will never get better, you will never die and you will pay $20,000 a year to your congressman’s friends. Congressman Charlie Dent cannot discern the figures and present a cogent argument to his constituency because he needs votes from people educated in public schools who want free stuff paid for by working people. And Dent wants to keep his gravy-train job forever.

All those government workers work for and vote for their politicians. You just pay them. Government bureaucrats get a raise every year because they voted correctly. No innovation, improvement, or, god forbid, reduced costs needed to get a raise. Bureaucrats get a raise every year — senior citizens don’t. The politicians used their retirement money, entrusted to the government, to buy votes — no money left for raises.

In 2016, responsible voters sent another message to politicians that change is needed. Since then, we are bombarded daily with how “stupid and uneducated” voters are because they are tired of sending half their paycheck to enrich politicians and employ self-serving bureaucrats in programs that never accomplish anything.

Protecting the borders is a prime responsibility for the federal government. Voters asked that those entering the country be verified; politicians and their enablers said no.

Neighborhoods ran a lot better when moms were in charge. Now moms need to go to work so politicians can buy votes.

Mr. Leiner might want to look at the lack of voters in a different light. It is evident from what we have seen over the past four months that politicians have no intention of changing their ways — it is too lucrative getting rich legally stealing money. Instead, things might be getting close to the tipping point. And then, they better hope that God will save their souls.

Paul Cmil