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Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Coplay gets grant for Saylor Park

Wednesday, May 2, 2018 by PAUL CMIL Special to The Press in Local News

Trexler Foundation gives $25,000; borough must match funding for project

At Coplay Borough Council’s meeting May 1, Councilwoman Janet Eisenhauer acknowledged receipt of a $25,000 grant from the Trexler Foundation.

“Trexler has been good to Coplay. The only stipulation we have on the grant is to spend it on Saylor Park. They want a report to show how the money was spent by the end of November,” she said.

Trexler also gave $1,800 to the library. Those funds will be used for a new computer.

Eisenhauer announced the borough signed a contract with Paychex to do payroll.

“We talked to several companies that provide payroll services, and we were most impressed with their program,” she said.

Borough personnel will get on-site training and a dedicated support team to get the program functioning efficiently. Input is done online. With the reduced borough staff, the program is a benefit from the old in-house process. The cost is projected to be $2,900 a year.

Councilman Charles Sodl detailed income and expenses for the Barkley celebration held March 24. According to his numbers, the celebration broke even, and all expenses were covered by sales during the event.

Councilman Stephen Burker expressed his concern that open positions for the pool are not being filled.

“We pay about the same as everyone else, but most of the lifeguards are looking to work at Dorney Park,” he said. “They get a higher pay and access to the park. We can’t compete with that.”

With the limited number of applicants for lifeguard positions, available hours may need to be reduced. Burker and Councilman Mark Molitoris are looking at options. Meanwhile, public works employees are forging ahead with an anticipated opening date of June 11.

Sodl pointed out that municipal pools are money losers. To add to the woes, public works Director Paul Boyle indicated that major renovations are needed in the near future.

Sodl told Boyle that pouring money into the pool is low on the list. The borough has plans for Saylor Park. Even with grants, the new Saylor Park project needs matching funds from the borough. There is a serious effort to build a new municipal complex at Bridge Street.

Front Street completion is still a priority. The contractor has people on the project removing sidewalks and curbing that was installed incorrectly. The goal is to be complete by the end of the month. Council President Louis Bodish had reservations about getting the long-delayed project on track for a May completion.

“There have been two trucks out there for a couple of days, but only one tradesman,” he said.

Sodl asked the borough to check on a business in the area of Ninth and Chestnut streets. There are reportedly commercial ice containers on the premises. Sodl wants to ensure they are locked. Council members questioned the limitations on the business, adding that a wide range of business activity has been observed.