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Tuesday, February 25, 2020

CWSA awards contract for relining sewer mains

Wednesday, May 23, 2018 by PAUL CMIL Special to The Press in Local News

Plant Manager David Harleman outlined the Coplay Whitehall Sewer Authority’s 2018 program for relining sewer mains and manholes.

The contract to rework sewer mains was let to Insiteform, which will reline 2,000 feet of sewer main lines.

“In the past, we did a lot of relining to reduce inflow and infiltration as part of the EPA mandate. This project is a little different,” he said. “These lines are being redone because they are older lines that are structurally failing.”

Relining the sewer mains will postpone the need to dig up the lines and replace them.

The authority has another 224 manholes out for bid for this year. Relining manholes is key to reducing infiltration. Harleman expects bids on the contracts for manhole rehabilitation to be ready for review by the next meeting, June 21.

Has all of the relining and improvements to the distribution system been worth the effort? During this last major storm, there were no alarms at the pumping stations or breakdowns. The system handled the increased capacity that normally accompanies a major storm with ease. The system gets tested with each major storm, and this is a good indication that major stress points in the system are controllable.

In other business, regarding the Front Street project, Darryl Jenkins, CWSA engineer, indicated 85 percent of the sidewalk repairs are complete. He said he expects that work be finished by May 22. There were some weather-caused delays.

Jenkins said he is looking to have the roadways completed by the end of the month.

CWSA and Coplay Borough have worked closely on the project as they forged through the problems. They continue to work to ensure that the long-delayed project is completed and meets its initial design standards.