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Thursday, February 21, 2019

Coplay getting new firetruck

Wednesday, July 11, 2018 by Paul Cmil Special to The Press in Local News

State-of-the-art engine may be ready in October

At Coplay Borough Council’s workshop session July 3, Fire Chief Matthew Buskaritz gave an update on the borough’s new firetruck.

“The truck went into production this week, and we are expecting it to be ready for the first week of October. Everything was looking good, and we completed all of our decisions. We will go up and see the truck in production as it progresses through the process,” he said.

The state-of-the-art firetruck is being built at the Pierce Manufacturing plant in Wisconsin.

Councilman Stephen Burker expressed his ongoing concern about lifeguards. The borough has had a difficult time recruiting and retaining lifeguards. The staff is thin enough that a hiccup of any sort could close the pool. Burker noted part of the problem is recertifications for existing lifeguards. Burker is working with Suburban North Family YMCA, Catasauqua, to deal with recertifications. Mayor Dean Molitoris has experience with recertifications and will assist in developing a program that will ensure there are enough lifeguards for the season.

Everyone in town received a mailing on the new recycling rules. The borough’s website also addresses the details. One of the differences is plastic bags, long associated with recycling, need to be treated differently. There are specific locations that can handle plastic bags. Giant Food Store, 202 Chestnut St., has a bin outside the entrance. Putting plastic bags into the regular recycling stream causes problems with the machinery.

Packaging contaminated with food and grease are another problem. Pizza boxes are the main culprit. Recyclables cannot be treated for reuse when contaminated with grease from food products.

Borough Engineer Daniel Witczak, of Acela Engineering, gave a detailed update on stormwater improvements. Coplay is required to update its stormwater plan annually at a cost of $500.00.

Stormwater management is a problem throughout the state as Witczak explained. The state is getting more and more involved in the process.

Councilman Charles Sodl objected to some of the discourse. There are fines for noncompliance as determined by the state.

“What happens if we don’t pay the fine?” he asked.

No one knows the consequences for sure.

The borough has a plan crafted by Witczak to have detention gardens hold runoff from impervious surfaces. The detention prevents new impurities from entering the Lehigh River. The question remains how to get existing impurities out of rivers. There is no practical solution at the present time.

Councilman Mark Molitoris proposed a camera arrangement for the borough’s Parkway Pool to replace the existing system. The existing system has some shortcomings that will be relieved with the new system.

“We get much clearer pictures at night. We can recognize the vandals with the new cameras,” he said.

Sodl noted the gazebo was vandalized while it was under the watchful eye of cameras.

“If we put the funds in to get the cameras, we need to be able to get the results we are looking for,” he said.

Molitoris wants to get the new cameras in at the pool first and then tackle security for the gazebo. Pool cameras are a security and safety issue.

The borough is constantly improving and updating Community Plaza. Sodl wants to ensure the borough’s effort to create a calming space is not wasted by vandals.