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Monday, January 27, 2020
Barkley plaque displayed Barkley plaque displayed

Barkley plaque displayed

Wednesday, May 22, 2019 by tinamarie martin Special to the Press in Sports

The response has been overwhelming since the original plaque of Saquon Barkley was permanently mounted and displayed at the corner of the borough plaza and gazebo on North 2nd Street in Coplay.

Over a year ago on March 14, Barkley was presented a replica of the original plaque presented by the Barkley Day Committee which hosted Saquon Barkley Day and attracted thousands of people and media to Coplay.

After a few minor delays, the committee decided it was time to get the plaque mounted to share with Barkley fans everywhere.

The borough’s 150th anniversary parade was held Saturday, May 18, and the committee pushed to have the plaque displayed in time for the event, thanks in part to Paul Boyle and the public works department.

The Barkley Day Committee and the people of Coplay thank Saquon’s mother, Tonya, and father, Alibay, for providing the borough and Saquon Barkley fans everywhere with a memory to cherish forever.