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Friday, February 28, 2020

Northampton County senior menus

Friday, January 3, 2020 by The Press in Focus

Call 610-829-4540 (ask operator for Area Agency on Aging) for locations or visit https://www.northamptoncounty.org/HS/AGING/Pages/default.aspx.

Wednesday, January 1: Closed. Happy New Year.

Thursday, January 2: Cream of mushroom soup, chicken paprikash, wide noodles, succotash, wheat bread w/ margarine, fresh blueberry fluff.

Friday, January 3: Onion Romano soup, cheeseburger on bun w/ lettuce-tomato-mayo, Amish potato salad, Mandarin oranges.

Monday, January 6: Beef stew, green peas, tossed baby greens w/ French dressing, fresh biscuit w/ margarine, chilled apricots.

Tuesday, January 7: Italian wedding soup, fried haddock sandwich w/ lettuce-tomato-tartar sauce, cole slaw, citrus breeze.

Wednesday, January 8: Pork Rib - B - Q, cabbage and bow ties, pickled beets, wheat bread w/margarine, chilled applesauce.

Thursday, January 9: Coconut crusted chicken, scalloped potatoes, California vegetable blend, wheat bread w/margarine, raspberry-filled cookie.

Friday, January 10: Chicken corn chowder, Tater Tot ground beef casserole, flame-roasted corn, tossed salad w/ French dressing, banana mousse.