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Sunday, July 12, 2020

Letter to the editor

Wednesday, June 24, 2020 by The Press in Opinion

Whitehall-Coplay School Board should hold the line on taxes

To the Editor:

I was astonished when I picked up my local paper June 11 and read how the Whitehall(-Coplay) School Board voted to increase property taxes 4.5 percent.

During a time with record unemployed and families struggling to pay bills, the board voted to increase taxes again to the homeowners. While other school districts are holding the line or implementing zero increases and another with no teacher salary increase, Whitehall(-Coplay School Board) just can’t help themselves and passed this budget.

I give credit to the two directors who voted no; however, I am not sure of their reason why.

Our school board is completely out of touch with their community. After tax increases by the municipality and the county, the board felt it necessary to sock it to the taxpayers again, while money is spent on teacher salary increases, a new $20 million school and million dollar athletics improvements. At the same time, the municipality spends $20 million on a new police station (probably needed).

Don’t worry — the taxpayers can cover it. The money grows on trees in our backyard for the district to spend unchecked.

This sounds like an out-of-touch board.

Meanwhile, our overpaid, part-time, do-nothing state legislature continues to ignore this unfair property tax burden on the taxpayers. About all they accomplish is sending newsletters and attending ribbon cuttings.

Get to work to solve this and the charter school rip-off that saddles our school districts with the bill. Maybe the union could give a little, but that is always asking too much.

How many people need to lose their homes while this nonsense continues year after year while teachers retire in their 50s on the taxpayers’ dime? It looks like the school district and municipality have learned their lesson well from their fellow Whitehall tax-and-spend colleague in the county executive office.

Bruce Charles

Whitehall Township